• Fixed Fee IT Means Lower, More Justifiable Costs.
Sick of paying out hundreds to IT service providers who provide no long term solutions? Frustrated to find your service providers throwing exuberant, tack-on fees for sluggish, onsite visits. A Fixed-Fee model may be the perfect fit for your business IT needs. Fixed-Fee creates a motivation to produce robust, longer lasting and reliable solutions. Solutions that work mean less time wasted on our end as well as yours - shearing costs while emphasising quality.
  • Allow us to Manage your IT Systems and Infrastructure. No More Worries, or Excuses.
  • Our Remote, Intelligent, Silent Monitoring Agent Will Keep Your Systems Clean and Protected.
Remote Management and Monitoring is the benchmark of modern, IT best practice policies. Our monitoring agents are equipped with Anti-Virus and Anti-Trojan capabilities, and will vigilantly monitor your network for the tell-tale signs of an outside attack. Our monitoring agents will also collect critical operating data, which is processed into reports. These reports provide insight into your businesses practices, and through analysis, can improve efficiency.
  • Let Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures Return You To Operation in The Event of A Disaster.
In 2015, it's no longer a question of if disaster will strike, but when, and what to do when it happens. Backup and Disaster Recovery is a critical component of any modern, competitive business. At its core, Backup and Disaster Recovery is about damage minimisation - Once disaster strikes, first priority should be a restoration of services so business may proceed as usual. Ynot's expertly devised Backup and Disaster Recovery procedures and solutions can be deployed to fit all business needs.

  • We are here when you need us. For any issue big or small

  • A Single Point of Contact Helps You Develop A Rapport So We Can Learn Your Needs, Fast.
Always talk to the same expert. Ynot assigns every client one dedicated expert whom they can liaise, consult, meet and plan with.
  • Regular IT Audits Provide an Opportunity for new Growth and Revenue.